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Hippocrates Salad

Hippocrates claimed that a number of the ingredients in this salad offered tremendous health benefits. Its star ingredient, pomegranate, is high in Vitamins A, B and C, calcium, potassium and iron and has more antioxidants than Green Tea. Hippocrates used the fruit to fight inflammation and detoxify. But this isn’t all we love about this salad, it’s also taken its name from “the father of Istros”, my dad, whose name has also been taken by our son. So this salad is dedicated to family and “the father of medicine”.

Athena Salad

The goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, arts, crafts and skill, we hope this salad provides you with all of these things and more! But what makes this salad even more special is the fact that it’s named after our daughter who is due in May 2021.

Wine Cheese Bites

Made from a cheese that is only produced on Kos and has been produced in the same way for centuries by marinating white cheese in local wine for months, these bites are not to be missed if you want to really taste the local culture.  Wrapped in filo pastry, a staple when it comes to Greek pastries, these flavoursome bites are accompanied by a watermelon marmalade that can only be found at Istros. Watermelons grow all over the island and are eaten in every home during the summer months so we decided to adapt the dish by adding another popular local delight in a unique way to the plate to give it that extra kick.


This dish can be found in every single eatery on Kos. It’s an extremely common and popular dish of cheese fried in light batter and even though it’s not unique to Istros, we serve it with a homemade tomato marmalade that has an interesting story behind it. Lampi, the area in which our restaurant is located and in which the founding Istros family grew up, was once a thriving hub of industry. From the beach front right down the strip close to the harbour were tomato factories. Producing canned tomatoes was a huge industry on Kos before tourism began and of course tomato production was “ripe”. Tomatoes were used in local food dishes but also to produce a local sweet name “gliko tou koutaliou” which translate to “spoon sweet”. This sweet dish saw tomatoes preserved in a sweet syrup and when ready consumed with local Greek yoghurt. So we decided to use those same fresh tomatoes still grown in the fertile Kos soils and create a modern marmalade that would perfectly accompany the tangy cheese, bringing a perfect balance of sweet and sour alongside a perfect balance of old and new.

Gyros Loukoumades

Exclusive to Istros, we’ve combined two Greek favourites; savoury Gyros and doughy loukoumades to produce our own unique dish. All your favourite gyros flavours combined into one tiny doughy ball to give you small bites of pleasure. Served with our homemade avocado tzatziki, they're not to be passed on.

Caramelized Pork Belly

Here we’ve combined two cultures to create a dish so delicious, it keeps our customers coming back for more. Pork, the most commonly eaten meat in Greece, is slow cooked in a sous vide for twelve hours in our homemade marinade. It’s then finished off at the time you order it and served with homemade apple puree and crispy prosciutto. It’s definitely a dish worth trying!

Beef gyros

We all know and LOVE gyros! Whether it’s the traditional pork gyros wrap or served as a main dish, there’s nothing more Greek than pork gyros. And whilst we recommend our own pork gyros as it is prepared from scratch in house using premium quality meat and spices, we feel our beef gyros is just a little bit more unique. It’s a dish you won’t find elsewhere and differs from the gyros we’re all accustomed to as it combines flavours from all over the world, yet stills offers that same satisfying and comforting eating experience.

Lemon and Oregano Chicken

One of every Greek mum’s go-to dishes; chicken with potatoes in the oven…except we prepare ours with a twist. This dish is traditionally prepared in a large pan and all the ingredients are put in together; chicken thighs, potatoes, salt, pepper, lemon, fresh oregano and plenty of olive oil! It’s the easiest dish to prepare at home, but a difficult one to prepare and keep fresh and tasty in a restaurant. So we’ve adapted it. We take our time to carefully prepare the chicken thigh into a ballotine which is then marinated and slow cooked in a sous vide. When you order it, it’s finished off in a pan, served with fresh veg, baby potatoes and our own homemade lemon and oregano dressing. It might differ from mummy’s, but it’s just as tasty and succulent!

Group of Green Leaves
Group of Green Leaves
Group of Green Leaves
Illustrated Rosemary
Illustrated Rosemary
Illustrated Rosemary
Group of Green Leaves
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