BREAD  2.00

with garlic butter and tomato salsa



Hippocrates’ Salad   8.00

spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, walnuts, parmesan, honey balsamic vinaigrette ◍

Athena’s Salad  8.90

kale, red cabbage, cucumber, onion, fennel, apple, pomegranate, passion fruit, lime and passion fruit vinaigrette ▲ ◍ ▢

Watermelon and Feta Salad  7.90

watermelon, rocket, cherry tomatoes, sea fennel, capers, feta mousse, spearmint, olive oil ◍ ▲

Mango and Duck Salad  8.50

seasonal greens, duck, mango, cherry tomatoes, radish, spring onions, sesame seeds, orange vinaigrette ▲

Greek Salad  5.50

tomato, green pepper, cucumber, red onion, fresh caper leaves, olives, olive oil rusks, feta ◍ ♢



Local Olives 3.50 ◍ ▢   

served with olive paste bruschetta

Tzatziki  3.00   

greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic served with pitta bread  ◍ ♢

Hummus  3.00

served with pitta bread ◍ ▢ ♢

Dakos    4.50

olive oil rusk topped with fresh tomato and basil salsa, capers, feta mousse and herbs ◍

Talagani   5.50

talagani cheese pan fried with apricot, fig and bacon

Gyros Loukoumades  6.50

bitesize croquettes of pork gyros, tomato, onion and potato in light batter served with avocado tzatziki

Saganaki   4.00

cheese fried in light batter, served with tomato marmalade ◍

Mediterranean Mushrooms    4.90

fresh mushrooms sautéed in ouzo with fresh tomato, garlic and thyme ◍ ▢ ▲

Wine Cheese Bites   4.90  

local wine cheese fried in filo pastry, served with watermelon marmalade  ◍

Lemon Liver   4.90

beef liver fried with oregano, served with lemon puree

Sweet Chilli Shrimps  8.90

shrimps fried in batter, served with sweet chilli sauce

Bouyourdi   5.50

spicy soutzouki sausage, feta, goat’s cheese, fresh peppers, onion and chilli flakes cooked in the oven, topped with tomato sauce

Salamoura    4.50

local dish of pork belly sautéed with fresh onion, oregano and white wine  ▲

BBQ Octopus 8.90

BBQ glazed octopus served with fava bean puree and caramelized onions

Open Spanakopita   4.90

a bed of crispy filo pastry topped with sautéed spinach, served with “katiki domoku” goat cream cheese  ◍



BURGERS (served with fries)

BBQ Burger  8.90

100% beef burger, bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, iceberg lettuce, tomato and homemade BBQ sauce on brioche bun

Greek Burger   9.50

100% beef burger, pork gyros, avocado tzatziki, fresh tomato, iceberg lettuce and bacon marmalade on brioche bun 

Guacamango Chicken   8.90

grilled chicken fillet, chorizo, iceberg lettuce, tomato, guacamole and mango sauce served on brioche bun

Steak Burger    12.50

strips of black angus steak, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, kale, metsovone smoked cheese served with cabernet sauce on the side  



Fish ‘n’ Chips*  9.00

cod fish in batter served with sautéed spinach, fries and spring onion mayonnaise

Seafood Linguini*  14.00

shrimps, mussels and calamari in fresh tomato sauce

Monkfish Stifado   13.00

monkish stewed in fresh tomato sauce with shallots, baby potatoes and eggplant puree



Vegan Greek Salad  6.00

tomato, cucumber, green pepper, olives, red onion, olive oil rusks, oregano, white vegan cheese ◍ ▢

Cheese Croquettes   5.50

vegan cheese croquettes served with tomato marmalade ◍ ▢

Tofu Souvlaki  8.90

grilled tofu skewers, caramelized onions, hummus, pitta bread and side salad ◍

Vegan Mousaka  9.50

layers of smoked aubergine, courgette and potato topped with lentil bolognaise and béchamel  ◍ ▢ ▲

Yemista   7.90

tomatoes and peppers stuffed with vegetable rice, served with sweet potato puree ◍ ▢ ▲

Briam   8.90

courgette, eggplant, carrot, leek and potato cooked in a tomato sauce served with eggplant puree  ◍ ▢ ▲

Jackfruit BBQ Burger 9.50

pulled jackfruit marinated in miso BBQ sauce, vegan coleslaw, caramelized onions and tomato, served with fries ◍ ▢



Mousaka   8.00

layers of aubergine and potato topped with minced meat in a tomato sauce and béchamel

Lemon and Oregano Chicken  9.00

chicken thigh ballotine served with lemon and oregano sauce, sautéed baby potatoes, carrots and parsnip puree

Stifado 10.00

slow cooked beef in fresh tomato sauce with shallots, served with sautéed baby potatoes and onion puree ▲

Lamb Kleftiko  13.50

slow cooked lamb shank served with sautéed baby potatoes and vegetables, topped with feta ▲ 

Bourbon Spare Ribs   12.00

ribs marinated in bourbon and herbs, served with homemade BBQ sauce and fries


Caramelized Pork Belly   10.00

topped with roasted almonds, served with fries, apple puree and crispy prosciutto  


Pork Gyros  8.50

homemade pork gyros served with fresh onion and tomato, pitta bread, tzatziki and fries  ♢

Beef Gyros 12.00

black angus brisket, spring onions, chilli pepper, coriander, homemade BBQ sauce, yoghurt, pitta bread and fries ♢

Pork Souvlaki  8.50

served with fries, caramelized onions, grilled peppers, tzatziki and pitta bread ♢

Chicken Fillet   8.90

grilled chicken served with bacon pieces, baby potatoes and mushroom cream 

Lamb Kebab  9.50

served with fries, pitta bread, grilled peppers, mango chutney, mint yoghurt dip

Veal Steak   14.00

milk-fed veal served with baby potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and parmesan truffle cream ▲

Mavros Hoiros Pork Steak

Indigenous Greek black pig from Mount Olympus fed exclusively on olives, served with sweet potato puree, baby potatoes with crispy chorizo, sautéed kale and beer sauce



fries 3.00   ▲ ◍ ▢

sautéed baby potatoes  3.00   ▲ ◍ 

rice   2.50  ▲ ◍ ▢

pitta bread   1.00  ◍ ▢

Greek Side Salad 3.50  ◍ ♢

Hippocrates Side Salad   4.50  ◍


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◍ - Vegetarian

▢ - Vegan

▲ – Gluten Free

♢ - Can be gluten free (please inform your waiter of your allergy and to see how we can make your meal gluten free)